Christina Tsialis


DSC_0027I was born in 1965 on the Greek island of Syros. My father had been working there for several years as an agricultural engineer, and my mother joined him there. She, a young Danish architect traveling alone, had met him shortly before that while visiting the villages of the Cyclades.

I spent the first three years of my life with my parents and my older brother in Ermoupolis on Syros, and the following three in the small port city of Volos – a childhood filled with light and the sea.

After one- and -a -half years with my family in Copenhagen and Bristol, my father was transferred to Thessaloniki, where I finally had a room of my own; a small, magical world. I spent many hours there every day with paper, paints, India ink, and with my music and my books. It was then, in 1984, that I painted “Young Lovers“.

Because I wanted to study my favorite works of Greek literature in depth, I began to study ancient and modern Greek philology at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Passing the exams was no problem, but I soon lost interest. I simply could not deal with the way the courses were taught and examined – the same problem I had encountered in school.

And so I continued to write and paint in my room at home (including the painting “The Hunter’s Funeral,” inspired by the mysterious third movement of Gustav Mahler’s First Symphony), until I decided to leave Greece to study art. At 22, before I had completed my studies in Thessaloniki, and in order to live far from home on my own, I enrolled in the School of Architecture in Copenhagen, where I studied drawing and watercolor painting.
I lived there for two years (“Nude,”1992), and after completing my examinations in Thessaloniki, I moved to Vienna, the magical city of my childhood dreams, the city of the Sucession and Fantastic Realism, of Mozart, Mahler, Klimt, and more.

My studies in Greece and postgraduate studies in Vienna qualified me to work as a teacher of the Modern Greek language, and soon I began teaching at the University of Vienna.

I also continued with what I had learned in Copenhagen. A stroke of good fortune led me to Michael Fuchs, who became my teacher and mentor. In the two years that followed, I rode my bicycle to his magical studio near Vienna three times a week. Surrounded by his colorful oil paintings, fellow students and nude models, by customers and the master’s small children coming and going, I worked to perfect my skills. (“Onion,” “Still Life,” 1992, 1993, etc.)
My teacher introduced me to various drawing and watercolor techniques, as well as old master oil painting, and I was accepted by the University of Applied Arts to attend Wolfgang Hutter’s master class in 1992. Hutter is one of five Fantastic Realists.
My diploma work “The River” is the fantasy story of a young woman in painting and text. I continue to work on “The River”; the paintings change, as does the text – they flow and are in constant flux.


Group and Solo Exhibitions in Bolzano, Klagenfurt, Vienna, Linz

2007: Exhibition at Moya, Vienna

2008: Exhibition at the Kranister Gallery, Klosterneuburg

Oktober 2015: Exhibition at the Steiner Gallery,Kurrentgasse 4/1, old town,Vienna

1st-6th Dezember 2015: International Art Expo “Red Dot Miami”  in Midtown Miami, Florida, US

14th.-17th April 2016: International New York Art Expo 2016, Pier 94, New York City, USA.

21st February- 1st September 2017: Kunstforum Naggaro, Guglgasse 15/4B/3, 1110 Vienna.

14-17 September 2017: Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York´s HQ, King´s Road,Chelsea London, UK.

18th of June- 14th of July 2018: Exhibition at the Steiner Gallery, Kurrentgasse 4, old town, Vienna.

Next exhibition: 18th – 21st of October 2018: Ιnternational Artexpo Salzburg, Austria.